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  • Nic (Mr) 07/03/2016 Marina was very helpful in prepping me for a presentation I had to conduct in Russian. You can tell she has a lot of experience teaching people. I would highly recommend Marina to anyone wanting to learn Russian or who wants to brush up on their Russian. I learnt a lot and felt more confident after our lessons.
  • Michael (Mr) 08/09/2019 An extremely passionate and enthusiastic tutor. I would recommend anyone who wishes to learn about Russia as well as Russian to be taught by her.
  • Anne (Ms) 02/11/2016 Marina helped me with my Russian during the four years it took to get from absolute beginner to advanced speaker with a first-class degree. Throughout that time she was a wonderful teacher, always enthusiastic, friendly, supportive and thorough. She sourced a wide range of materials for our lessons in her own time, including grammar exercises, topical articles and relevant books, which meant that learning was always an engaging experience. She consulted me about my goals and what I wanted to achieve, and went beyond the call of duty to help me achieve them. When I came to her with a request for help with a complex academic writing and presentation task, she embraced the challenge and we worked together as a team with very successful results. Marina gave me the confidence to believe I really could succeed in Russian, and especially speak it fluently. I highly recommend her as a teacher to anyone looking to learn this beautiful language, whatever their current level of knowledge.
  • Elena (Mrs) 16/06/2017 Marina is great professional tutor with deep knowledge of Russian GCSE LevelExam
  • Tanya (Mrs) 19/09/2019 Marina is an excellent tutor. She is very professional, reliable and flexible. Marina’s experience and extensive knowledge of the Russian GCSE Exam process was evident as she competently prepared my son for his Russian GCSE exam. I’m pleased to say that he received an A*. Marina is very friendly, supportive and enthusiastic. My children love learning Russian with her. Marina’s lessons are engaging and fun. Her passion for teaching Russian is reflected in her approach which is encouraging and full of motivation. We highly recommend Marina as a tutor.
  • Nicola (Miss) 14/01/2019 Marina is an amazing tutor! She is very patient and explains everything clearly until you understand it. I made a lot of progress in my time studying with her. She also taught me a lot about Russian culture and used different methods such as songs, videos and news articles to explore the Russian language as it`s used every day by native speakers. I would highly recommend Marina as a tutor, no matter your level of Russian or what you want to achieve.
  • Jo () 13/01/2020 Marina is a delight, she has been so very progressive and supportive in our daughter`s tuition and finding the right path for her. Thank you Marina.
  • Olatunde (Dr) 26/02/2020 My daughter had her first lesson with Marina and is happy to choose her as her tutor.

I learnt to speak Russian
online so I could continue my business
in Russia. It was a great course.
Marcus Storm, Businessman
I take pictures all over the world.
I learnt Russian so I could photograph
this vast country.
Tania Veinpoll, Photographer
My Husband is Russian so
me and my daughter are learning
how to speak it.
Molly Petternquenl